Boyz 3 2022 Marathi Movie 720p Review Subtitle 1Gigabyte Leaked Online


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Boyz 3 2022 Marathi Movie 720p Review Subtitle 1Gigabyte Leaked Online

IMDB Ratings: 7.5/10
Directed: Vishal Devrukhkar
Released Date: September 16, 2022 (India)
Genres: Drama
Languages: Marathi
Film Stars: Parth Bhalerao, Pratik Lad, Sumant Shinde
Movie Quality: 720p Review
File Size: 1050Megabyte
Storyline : Kabir has to travel to Karnataka before his birthday in order sign some property papers and also meet his estranged father he decides not to travel alone of feeling bored.Radhika comes with a solution that he should travel with his best friends Dhariya and Dhungya they decide to do a road trip, as Kabir is the only one who can drive the car he hires a private taxi.The trio have a hard time with taxi driver Sundar Gowda they notice that their college rival Naru Bhondwe has just passed alongside in a lavish car where Dariya and Dhungya come up with a plan to steal his car for their trip.After a tiff between Naru and Kabir at a restaurant they elope with the car but realize that they have left their bags and money in he taxi they decide to get crash a wedding as they are hungry but elope at the right time when they are about to be beaten for gate crashing.Next morning they see a girl hiding in their car and find that she has eloped from her wedding and introduces her as Keerti and decides to accompany them.But the boys are not ready to take her along until she decides to sponsor their trip by selling her bridal Jewellery .Thish leads to a adventurous journey where Dhariya and Dhungya get worried that Kabir might again fall in love and have a break up while Naru is chasing them for his car. —[email protected]

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